The four-strip continuous hot-dip galvanizing/galvanizing unit has the production characteristics of high quality, high efficiency and low consumption. The production line adopts a cooperative manufacturing method of domestic complete sets, the introduction of key equipment and components. The annual production capacity is 1.5 million tons/year, the speed of the process section of the production line is Max220m/min, and it can produce cold/hot rolled galvanized coils and galvanized coils with a thickness of 0.2~3.0mm and a width of 700~1250mm. The product varieties cover CQ, DQ, DDQ and HSLA conventional spangles, smooth spangles, fingerprint resistance, passivation and oiling products.

1) Equipped with a fully automatic double uncoiler, which can realize the functions of automatic feeding, automatic uncoiling, and automatic threading of steel coils;

2) The uncoiler is equipped with floating and CPC automatic centering functions;

3) The entrance section is equipped with double-layer cutting head shears, which can realize the cut-to-length cutting of the head and tail of the strip and the automatic collection of waste plates;

4) Equipped with an automatic narrow lap welding machine, which has the characteristics of small welding seam tolerance, high strength and online welding wheel grinding;

5) The entrance loop adopts a horizontal 8-layer horizontal loop, with an effective reserve of 500 meters, which has a small area and a little investment; the loop is equipped with CPC automatic correction, tension closed-loop control, and absolute value encoder to achieve accurate set volume control.